Komodo Liveaboard

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Embark on a Komodo Liveaboard Experience

Liveaboard Komodo, a generous mix of underwater environments. Drift over sandy bottoms or rocky corals, hover on top of colorful soft corals and pinnacles which attract schools of pelagic, or go diving with the majestic Manta Rays.




The dive sites in Komodo, such as Castle Rock, Tatawa Besar, and Golden Passage, are renowned for their vibrant marine life, including white tip and grey reef sharks, giant trevallies, barracudas, and manta rays, but they are also known for their strong currents. These sites offer an exhilarating experience for divers who are comfortable navigating such conditions.

Our Trip Snapshot

Explore the Komodo underwater splendor on our liveaboard in Komodo. Trips with diverse durations between our different liveaboard vessels.


Top Diving in Indonesia

Komodo offers some of the best diving experiences in the world and it is without a doubt on top of any diver’s travel list. That being said, Komodo also brings challenging underwater conditions with heavy and sometimes unexpected currents. It is therefore recommended that only experienced divers attempt liveaboard diving in Komodo. For Liveaboard Komodo, our liveaboards only accepts divers with minimum 25 logged dives and Advanced Open Water certification.

First thoughts

Liveaboard Komodo is good and proper all year round. Our liveaboards operate trips of different durations across the year. Water conditions are sometimes unpredictable which makes dive plans to sometimes change on last minute.

What to expect

Arriving in Komodo is easy from most main cities in Indonesia which makes Komodo one of the most popular diving destinations in the country. The dive sites are diverse but the currents can sometimes force last minute changes. Manta Rays, diverse sharks, beautiful coral reefs, are all expected to see on every trip.


Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

From the amazing coral reefs of Raja Ampat to the majestic Manta Rays of Komodo National Park or the Hammerhead migration in Banda Sea, liveaboards Indonesia is in the top of the best liveaboard diving in the world.

Komodo Liveaboard Diving

Diving in Komodo is spectacular, without a shadow of a doubt a top diving destination in the world. But Komodo is also infamous for strong currents or surprise down currents in almost all of its dive sites.
Regarding Komodo liveaboard experience, the minimum dive certification allowed is Advanced Open Water (equivalent or higher), with a minimum of 25 logged dives, preferably more. This will allow divers to maximize what the different dive sites can provide, especially Shotgun, Manta Alley or Cannibal Rock. Diving insurance is mandatory for Komodo liveaboard diving but we do recommend our guests to also purchase basic travel insurance to cover for potential flight delays and cancellations that may affect the Liveaboard.

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What’s included

Liveaboard accommodationv
Airport/Hotel Transfer
Diving activities
Three daily main meals
Unlimited Satellite Internet
Three main daily snacks
Unlimited 4G/5G Hotspot Internet
All-day snacks, coffee / tea
Tanks, weights, weight belts
Snorkeling gear
4 on 1 diver to guide ratio
SUP (Stand-up Paddle board)

What’s excluded

Equipment rental (BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator, etc)
Single occupancy cabin
National park fees
Private dive guide
Alcoholic beverages & soft drinks

Frequently Asked Question

Everything you need to know about Komodo and our liveaboard diving trips in the Komodo National Park.

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What time should my flight arrive in Komodo?
Komodo's airport is found in the city of Labuan Bajo. Although there are several daily flights to Labuan Bajo International Airport, it is highly recommended for guests to arrive one day before the check-in date. If guests choose to arrive on the same check-in date, morning flights landing before 12PM are recommended.
How big are your dive groups?
We maintain a strict 4 on 1 group ratio meaning 4 divers of equal certification and experience for 1 dive guide.
Do you visit all of the Komodo National Park dive sites?
Depending on the liveaboard and trip chosen, we visit all of the popular dive sites in the Komodo National Park, both in the north and in the south. The trips however depends on weather and underwater conditions as some dive sites depending on the time of the year are not accessible. Ask us for more details about particular dive sites.
Do you stop to see the Komodo dragons on every trip?
Yes, every Komodo liveaboard trip we organize also stops to see the Komodo dragons on either Komodo or Rinca islands. Additional stops may be organized to Padar Island, Pink beach and Kalong's Flying Foxes.

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