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From the founders of Bali’s best rated dive center, Neptune Scuba Diving.

Top Four Reasons For Diving With Us

Across our fleet of liveaboards, experience consistent excellence: every journey includes complimentary diving insurance for peace of mind, satellite internet to keep you connected, intimate dive groups for a personalized touch, and the pinnacle of comfort with our 5-star amenities and service.

Free Diving Insurance
Dive with peace of mind knowing that each adventure with us comes with complimentary diving insurance.
Free Satellite Internet
Stay connected even in the most remote diving destinations with our complimentary satellite internet service.
⁠4 on 1 dive groups
Experience a more personalized and intimate diving experience with our small dive group policy.
⁠Luxury service and amenities
From the moment you step aboard, you'll be treated to the highest standards of comfort and elegance.

Tailored Liveaboards Indonesia Diving

Perfectly tailored to cater to single divers, small groups or private charters. Our liveaboards Neptune One, King Neptune and Komodo Sea Dragon offer year-round diving in Indonesia. Explore liveaboard trips in Raja Ampat and Komodo, as well as off the beaten track itineraries in Alor, Ambon and Triton Bay or Misool.

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Our Destinations

Discover the wonders of Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, and the Banda Sea aboard our luxurious liveaboards in Indonesia.

Banda Sea
Raja Ampat

About Neptune One

Our liveaboard Neptune One is a 39 meters / 127 feet long liveaboard consisting of a total of 8 cabins: 4 lower deck cabins and 4 sea view upper deck cabins accommodating a total of 16 passengers and 16 crew.

Neptune One sails throughout all Indonesia following the best scuba diving seasons in Komodo, Banda Sea and Raja Ampat.

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Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

From the amazing coral reefs of Raja Ampat to the majestic Manta Rays of Komodo National Park or the Hammerhead migration in Banda Sea, liveaboards Indonesia is in the top of the best liveaboard diving in the world.

Frequently Ask Question

Popular questions and answers from our guests. If you have any questions regarding the vessels or our liveaboard trips, don't hesitate to ask our Reservations Attendants.

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What kind of meals are served onboard?
We serve a mix of Western and Asian cuisine served in buffet style. Vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request. We also cater for specific sensitive allergies such as but not limited to peanut or seafood allergies.
How big are your dive groups?
We maintain a strict 4 on 1 group ratio meaning 4 divers of equal certification and experience for 1 dive guide.
Are there land tours organized during a liveaboard trip?
Yes, we organize land tours on all our vessels and all our liveaboard trips. Details of each itinerary are presented on each of our liveaboard vessel website pages.
Do you offer private diving or snorkeling guides?
Yes we do. Upon request we can provide private diving or snorkeling guides however this is a special service that comes with extra costs.
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