Banda Sea Liveaboard

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Exploring the Banda Sea's Underwater Spectacle

Banda Sea is famous for stunning coral reefs plenty of pelagic species to keep big animal lovers happy. But by far the highlight for Liveaboard Banda Sea is the Hammerhead Shark migration.




Enjoy our liveaboard Banda Sea with free unlimited satellite internet and the best mixture of Enriched Air (NITROX) with the latest technology of Bauer PE 320B Membrane system compressor.

Our Trip Snapshot

Encounter the Giants: Swim with Hammerheads in the Depths of the Banda Sea, Indonesia's only Hammerhead migration spot.


The Banda Sea Experience

Diving in the Banda Sea is an adventure tailored for the experienced diver, with conditions that are as thrilling as they are demanding. The region is renowned for its deep dives into cooler waters, where the currents are as strong as they are unpredictable. These challenging conditions are precisely what draw the majestic hammerhead sharks to school in these waters, offering an unparalleled spectacle for those skilled enough to navigate the depths.

First thoughts

Banda Sea season is short and typically runs starting September towards November. This makes October to be one of the best months to dive in Banda Sea for the Hammerhead shark migration. The dive plans are concentrated at hammerhead dives in dive sites such as Suanggi, Serua or Hatta. Diverse marine life is expected as well with occasional whale spotting.

What to expect

Banda Sea is an off the beaten tracks dive destinations. Extended travel is expected to reach the embarkation port city of Ambon which makes travel insurance recommended to have. Internet connection can be limited during this particular itinerary. Daily dive plan consists of 3 to 4 dives depending on overall weather and water conditions.


Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

Von den erstaunlichen Korallenriffen von Raja Ampat über die majestätischen Mantarochen des Komodo-Nationalparks bis hin zur Hammerhead-Wanderung in der Bandasee - Tauchsafaris in Indonesien gehören zu den besten Tauchsafaris der Welt.

Our Itinerary

Our Banda Sea liveaboard cruises through the Ring of Fire to the Forgotten Islands, offering top-notch diving in Indonesia. We explore numerous islands and diverse dive sites, often pairing Banda Sea with destinations like Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, and Ambon. It's ideal for divers ready for both wide-angle and macro photography, thanks to the rich biodiversity in the area. A major draw is the hammerhead shark migration, with our Ambon-Ambon route focusing on hotspots like Serua and Suanggi for the best sightings.

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What’s included

Liveaboard accommodation
Airport/Hotel Transfer
Diving activities
Three daily main meals
Unlimited Satellite Internet
Three main daily snacks
Unlimited 4G/5G Hotspot Internet
All-day snacks, coffee / tea
Tanks, weights, weight belts
Snorkeling gear
4 on 1 diver to guide ratio
SUP (Stand-up Paddle board)

What’s excluded

15L Tanks
Single occupancy cabin
Park & Port fees
Privater Tauchführer
Alcoholic beverages & soft drinks
Equipment rental (BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator, etc)

Frequently Asked Question

Banda Sea is a distant dive destination in Indonesia. See our frequently asked questions but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more.

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What time should my flight arrive in Ambon?
Indonesia's flights are not reliable and arriving in the port city of Ambon in Banda Sea can be challenging. We recommend all guests to arrive one day prior to the check-in date. If guests choose to arrive in Ambon on the same day, it is recommended for the flight arrival to be no later than noon 12PM.
When is the best time to dive in Banda Sea?
Diving in Banda Sea for spotting the schooling of scalloped Hammerhead sharks is during September to November. It's a relatively short season which makes it sell out quickly so advanced booking is recommended. Water temperatures during the Banda Sea diving season are expected anywhere between 24-28 Celsius (75-82F).
What is the duration of the trips in Banda Sea?
There are two different trips in Banda Sea, the standard 8 days 7 nights and the 11 days 10 nights crossing from Ambon, through Triton Bay, Misool (South Raja Ampat), disembarking in Sorong.
What is the minimum diving experience required to dive in Banda Sea?
Because of the potential deep depths (30 meters / 98 feet) and challenging currents, we recommend a minimum dive experience of Advanced Open Water or equivallent with 25+ dives.

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